SOLSTICE POLY FURNITURE, LLC handcrafts timeless, beautiful outdoor furniture through quality design using innovative, eco-friendly materials. We proudly present outdoor solutions that will provide years of enjoyment and peace of mind.


Owner Eric St Aubin, licenced contractor, uses his 15 years of residential carpentry experience to create an innovative furniture solution that is weather-resistant, low maintenance, and beautifully crafted. While he searched for maintenance-free building material for exterior projects, the discovery of fully recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) was pivotal. Immediately he saw the potential to craft products to fill the needs of his clients who expressed dissatisfaction with their box store outdoor products that left rust stains on patios, scratched decking, blew over, required continued maintenance, and created storage challenges. Solstice Poly Furniture was established to solve these issues all while keeping recyclable plastics out of landfills and oceans. In partnership, Eric’s wife Karyn brings a fresh outlook to Solstice Poly Furniture. She uses her degrees in Interior Design and Organizational Leadership to advance design-forward, eco-friendly products and dignified, philanthropic  business practices. Together, with their children Beau and Brielle, they look forward to forging a reputation of trust and integrity, while creating a family- and community-centered work culture. The foundation of Solstice Poly Furniture is built on enhancing outdoor spaces. We strive to preserve the beauty and comfort of your home. You work hard to have nice things, your furniture should be an extension of that and continue to work as an investment in your life. Furniture so great, we guarantee it.